Caroline and Athena, our founders, at the Winter’s Revel 2017.

Welcome to Incantrix Productions. Here, two creative professionals have joined forces to make a new kind of interactive art; one that combines narrative storytelling with game elements. Our events range from catered dinner experiences, to site-specific interactive modules, to pub crawls, to giant costumed parties. If it’s intriguing, mysterious, and magical, we are in our wheelhouse. Come to our events and cast a spell with us!

Incantrix is part interactive theater, part escape room, part live-action game. Participants may observe performances, get involved in the myriad puzzles at each of our events, or fully delve into stories that tie all the events together in a larger narrative world. All levels of participation are welcome and encouraged. After all, at an Incantrix event, you are a critical part of the story.


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About Us

Athena Z Peters – Chief Executive Officer

Games industry veteran with theatre background. Athena has worked at multiple companies from large multinational publishers to scrappy small start-ups and volunteer organizations. No matter the location or project her work has always centered around connecting people through a shared story-telling experience online and off.



Caroline Murphy – Chief Creative Officer

Caroline is a game designer and community organizer. She has been designing live action games since 2001, drawing on her background in theater, video game and tabletop game design. She is a founder of the Boston Festival of Indie Games, a community manager for Boston Indies, and sits on the Board of Directors for Be Epic, Inc, a live-action games non-profit company.  She lectures about game design at many local Boston colleges, such as Northeastern, MIT, and Harvard, as well as at game conventions such as PAX East.