Welcome to Incantrix– where two game and theatre professionals have joined forces to create experiences that combine these art forms to make highly immersive experiences with you! Our events will range from catered dinner games to site specific weekend dungeon crawls and things in-between. Our focus is making a game customized to a small number of players as immersive to all senses as possible for a concentrated role play game experience. Come to our events and cast a spell with us!

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About Us

athenaAthena Z Peters – Chief Executive Officer

Games industry veteran with theatre background. Athena has worked at multiple companies from large multinational publishers to scrappy small start-ups and volunteer organizations. No matter the location or project her work has always centered around connecting people through a shared story-telling experience online and off.



carolineCaroline Murphy – Chief Creative Officer

Caroline is a game designer and community organizer. She has been designing live action games since 2001, drawing on her background in theater, video game and tabletop game design. She is a founder of the Boston Festival of Indie Games, a community manager for Boston Indies, and sits on the Board of Directors for Be Epic, Inc, a live-action games non-profit company.  She speaks about game design at many local Boston colleges, as well as at game conventions such as PAX East.