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Sunday, October 22, 2017 | 7pm – Midnight | Laugh Boston | 18+ event. Under 18 with parent or guardian

Purchase Tickets | $50 – $75 | Parking & Directions

Ladies and Gentlemen, ghouls and goblins, creatures fair and foul! Come one, come all, for a one-night-only spectacular event. Witness the wonders of the wild and wicked Carnevale di Oscurita.

What To Expect

The “Carnevale di Oscurita” or “Carnival of Darkness” is a one-night only thrilling cabaret of the obscure. Part variety show, part immersive theater, you are invited to get to know the strange denizens of the Carnevale. Enjoy live music, stage magic, burlesque and circus arts including aerial performances, stilt-walking and more; all while you delve into the mysteries of the Carnevale and come to learn of it’s dark origin. The perfect show for Halloween lovers, puzzle enthusiasts, and thrill-seekers.

Show Schedule

  • 7pm – Guests May Arrive
  • 8pm – Variety Show Begins
  • 9:00 pm – Intermission
  • 9:30 pm – Variety Show Continues
  • 10:30 pm – Variety Show Ends
  • 12:00 pm – Last Call

Featured Performers 

Circus Arts by Skye Whirlwind

Circus Arts by The Firefly Caravan

Circus Arts by Fonda Feeling

Burlesque Performances by Fem Bones

Aerial Performances by Molly Baechtold

Robert Clarke – Magician, Juggler, Funny Guy

Musical Performances by Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys


Denizens of the carnival have been known to favor black, white, and red. This is a Dark Carnival Halloween event. Costumes are highly encouraged and may gain the attention of eerie entities. Dress to dazzle, but beware beguiling invitations.


Will this be similar to other Incantrix events?

Yes and no. Incantrix Faerie Masquerade events are more group story-oriented, while the Carnevale will be more focused the variety show and performances for the group, while much more intensely personal for story elements with our actors. Intrepid Travelers may find deeper mysteries to delve into, but only the bravest shall be rewarded.

Do I need to know anything about other Incantrix events to enjoy myself?

No, not at all. There is a continuing story that ties Incantrix events together, but it is entirely optional and not at all necessary for the enjoyment of any event. Interaction is not mandatory, you may choose your level of involvement.

How do I find the actors?

Actors wear a golden key pin so that you may readily identify them. Actors will not pull audience members away from the show while it is ongoing, but before, during intermission, and after, all bets are off.

How scary is this event?

If you just attend the variety show, tame. If you fall down the rabbit hole, expect the grotesque and terrifying. You are encouraged to excuse yourself politely if you are too frightened or disquieted by what you find. Fall at your own risk.

What does a VIP Ticket get me?

Premium seating near center stage, some Incantrix swag, plus guaranteed opportunities to participate in the immersive theater aspects of the event… if you can stand the heat.