Winter’s Revel

February 4, 2017 | MIT Endicott House | 80 Haven Street Dedham, MA 02026

You are cordially invited…

The icy chill of winter brings whispers of unrest among the Fae. The interference of mortal people with the Faerie realm has brought about a need for change… a need for rulership and a decision about how they will treat their mortal guests who dabble in the arts of Etheric Sciences and Ritual Magics.

Rumors abound that the Winter Court is making a bid for power. Fueled by the intentions of mortals who visit their courtly ball, will they be able to seize the throne, or will another choice be made?

What to Expect

Join us for a night of intrigue, puzzles, and interactive theater. Inspired by tales like Labyrinth, a Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell, the Incantrix Winter Ball is an interactive experience that should enchant both theater lovers as well as puzzle fans.

Choose your own adventure as you investigate why the Fae have opened their doors to mortals throughout space and time. Meet a fascinating cast of characters and help them complete tasks in order to uncover the story. Your choices will impact how the story unfolds throughout the night!

Often, at a Faerie Ball, people will take on a persona of their own creation that fits with their mask so as not to reveal their true self to the Fae, but this is not at all necessary. Attendees can work individually or collaboratively to solve mysteries, or simply enjoy the masquerade atmosphere while they wine, dine, socialize and enjoy circus arts performances.


Anything formal you wish to wear is appropriate! From Rococo fashion to victorian garb to modern cocktail attire, anything goes, as long as it is appropriately dressy– and a mask is required.

Charity Benefit

Funds raised through raffle ticket sales will go to benefit: LBGBT Asylum. Raffle tickets will be used to acquire unique art items donated by local craftspeople and artisans.

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