Thanks for coming to our Pub Crawl!

Thanks for coming to our Pub Crawl!

We had an absolute blast at our Steampunk pub crawl!

Teams of adventurers unraveled the mystery and found the will of Prof. Thurgood! Decisions were made, invitations extended, and some folks even decided to create their own secret society…


Huge thanks to our amazing cast!

Section 12

  • Dr. Victoria Augusta – Athena Peters
  • Penelope Prims – Elise Nguyen
  • Prof. Maxwell Featherstone –  Brendan Butts
  • Archimedes Stillwater – Kyle Murphy
  • Sgt. Lucinda McGee – Barbara Fyfe

Ordo Templi

  • The Scarlet Woman –  Caroline Murphy
  • Captain Dash Fitzwilliams – James Lovelock
  • Anisette Verdigree – Stephanie Powers
  • The Ominous Dr. Heronimus Mnemonicus – Aaron LaFleur
  • Dr. Robert Von Neumann – Erik Fearing


For those who didn’t get to join us, here’s the event details:

Steampunk Choose Your Own Adventure Pub Crawl

May 7, 2016 | Waltham, MA

Professor Nigel Thurgood was a brilliant inventor who passed before his time. Some say that he was a visionary, others whisper that he contracted with the Devil to create his many brilliant steam-powered inventions. Now, he has died under mysterious circumstances. The problem is, his will, which contains the location of his most prized invention, is missing! You and up to seven of your friends are on the case, however. You’ve been contacted by a mysterious group called Section 12 in order to track down his associates… 

This event is intended to coincide with Waltham’s Watch City Steampunk Festival. Attendees will be treated to an interactive “Choose Your Own Adventure” game, meeting a wacky and fascinating cast of characters at various locations close-by to the festival in Waltham. Can you uncover the mystery of Professor Thurgood’s invention? Can you solve the puzzles and succeed in the challenges set out before you? Will you deliver the plans for Section 12, or will darker forces tempt you into their secret society?

Intrigue and mystery await!

Event Details:

  • Teams of up to 8 people will undertake the adventure
  • Teams will start at staggered times, meeting their Section 12 contact at the appointed time
  • The pub crawl should take 2-3 hours, depending on how quickly participants choose to go
  • Participants should expect to walk! Not terribly far, but walking from place to place is expected
  • Incantrix Productions assumes no liability for drinks– over 21, drink at your own risk!
  • $10/ticket, or $75 for a full team slot. If you do not have a full team you may be matched with other participants.