Mytharc- A Narrative Game Design Methodology

Mytharc- A Narrative Game Design Methodology

Our Chief Creative officer Caroline has recently published a methodology and supporting system for narrative live action games, called Mytharc.

Mytharc is a methodology and supporting system intended for game-runners that would like to focus on creating narrative-driven live action games. The methodology explains the thought process behind system choices, and the system supports the framework in order to encourage collaborative, story-driven games. Mytharc is heavily inspired by Nordic LARP tradition and the FATE RPG system, taking the tack that great characters and stories are not defined by their stats or abilities, but by their choices and interactions. At the same time, Mytharc takes into consideration some traditions from more well-known LARP systems such as Accelerant and Cthulhu Live.

Mytharc is setting-less, and is intended to be flexible enough that any setting desired can be created and applied to the system. In general, Mytharc’s systems support the type of game that is more gritty and deadly than epic and dashing, but the system could be reasonably tweaked to support either.

Mytharc is not intended to be the “right” way to run games- many games are perfectly suited with other systems. Mytharc is focused primarily on collaborative narrative, and secondarily on simulation, and in any case where the two clash, Mytharc takes the position that the story should drive the outcome.

Mytharc’s methodology and some further analysis will be published in an upcoming Live Action Games publication GameWrap.